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Evolution Cables stock and supply leading brand marine cables. Our extensive range covers all your requirements within the Marine industry with quality assurance guarenteed.

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 Extra Low Voltage cable


  • 3, 4, 6mm industry equivalent
  • Tinned Copper Wire (TCW)
  • V90 PVC insulation
  • Excellent for multi-purpose marine wiring


 240 Volt cable

  • 0.75 up to 6.0mm² nominal area
  • Excellent flexibility in application use
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • Ideal for communication and electronic equipment


 Battery cable

  • 8mm² to 95mm² nominal area
  • Tinned Copper Wire
  • Flexible, dependable and long-lasting
  • Used in pleasure craft low voltage applications


 Figure 8 cable


  • 16/0.30 and 26/0.30 TCW
  • V90 PVC insulation
  • Extensive range of trace colours
  • Used for hook-up and speaker connections



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 Twin Sheath cable


  • 0.75mm² to 16mm² nominal area
  • TCW, V90 PVC insulation and sheath
  • Renowned for flexibility and resilience
  • Ideal for multi-purpose wiring



 UL1426 Boat Cable


  • Specialised UL listed cable
  • TCW for corrosion resistance
  • Unique wet location PVC insulation
  • Designed for pleasure craft and 600 Volt applications



 Marine Trailer Cable

  • 3, 5, 7 Core
  • Latest addition to the Tycab Marine range
  • TCW, UV resistant PVC sheath
  • Suitable for marine trailer wiring and LED lights



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